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The Other Side

Zoë Badwi


All the damage is done
Given it all there’s nothing left to take
Been in repair for so long
But now I’m back better than ever
So move outta my way

Cos when I hit the floor I’m a start a fire
Burn these broken bridges leave it all behind
I lost my way forgot who I could be
But standing here now I know that finally

I made it through the dark
I made it through the night
I made it through til the other side
Cos I been where you are
And there’s no wrong or right
You’ll make it through to the other side
The other side side

Oh I’m feeling so free
Now that I’ve seen the other side
Cos everything’s alright
Now I made to the other side

When enough is enough
When you know you just gotta walk away
Don’t be afraid to let go
Cos moving on and giving up
Oh no they’re not the same

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