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Hope in Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness) (Feat. Oxhy & Puce Mary)

Yves Tumor

Safe in the Hands of Love

Part of you
Part of that dying grace
Still yearns, still yearns
Crashed stillborn release
Crashed into the waves
And the turgid sea
Conned again
Fleeting answers mean nothing
Rip the sinew of that moment
Keep ripping and pulling and gouging
Unreleased, unreleased, unreleased
Keep facing me
Turn away
Turn away and quell that rhythmic force
That unborn con
Crack and scream each time
Force a break and inject me
Curdled, longing
Can't smoke
Can't fucking elate
Pumped and dry born intoxication
Midriff cut atop and stand there
Unknowing, unhelping (Still yearns)
Caught wincing again
Degraded, exploited and forced to cower
Reign in each breath
Augmented, cracked open and split
Unknowing, uncaring
Gaunt and careless
Fucked into incompletion (Still yearns)
Robbed blind and rhythmic
Indulged unknowing breath
Stunned again, shocked again
Machinic, unconvinced

Run fetid fingers down the god spine
Run fucking holes into whatever stands there left
Unfulfilled, unfulfilled
Filled with a dread beyond the starving light
Raging eclipses cannot bury
Cannon engage the coward
Cannot force the hand to stab itself
Unmerciful, unmerciful, unmerciful, unmerciful
Caught for a moment in delusioned might
Skinning whole and wearing that skin as a banner
Castrate that scum and bring it back
Force fed and longing for death
Rip a tidal unknowing from its breast
And draw that image
Scrape that image

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