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So Much Pain

Yung Ro

Pain-pain-pain, bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu

[Yung Ro]
I got the mind of a general, peep my mentality
Loving me ain't easy, and that's why they stay mad at me
Had me thinking I was forsaken, by love
Didn't hate me, but the man that I was capable of
So they was capable of, stabbing me in my back
Trust nobody and with that said, Yung Ro clap back
Bu-busting niggas heads, cause they keep fucking with me
You got beef load em up, shoot and pray you hit me
Cause if you miss, it's gon be a cold day in America
I ain't never scared of ya, I'm two steps ahead of ya
It's so mysterious, when I step in the booth
Call me Nobody the Ghost, because my flow like poof
And I know that true, I try to tell it when I speak mayn
Fo' foot prince one hundred, my nigga complete mayn
Speak mayn, but speak with a purpose
When you high but the surface, you can see what the earth is
Fire, you can call it what you call the shit
I don't give a fuck, I never cared too much for politics
Trick, I'm just trying to make a dollar mayn

A stack on a dollar mayn, ch-ch-ch-ch holla mayn
I'm getting paid, every motherfucking show
Niggas gotta respect the kid, this my third solo
And rappers know when I drop, I'm dropping a double mayn
Y'all niggas in trouble mayn, me and Mack in a huddle mayn
And all we talk about is money, and discuss beef
All you talk about is negative, you disgust me
Slow daddy, I could teach you a lesson
You not only a broke rapper, but a bad investment
Making deals with the devil, I am not a soul seller
I am not the truth, more like a truth teller whoa
Look in my eyes, boy I know you scared clown
Know you pussy cause you pass, walking with your head down
Fascinated with the concrete, I guess
Until I die I'll be high, beating on my chest
Bu-busting niggas heads, Nobody y'all can't see
22 and I'll be rich by 23, it's so much pain

Uh-uh, I'll be the last motherfucker breathing
G'yeah-g'yeah, cause I'm the realest motherfucker breathing
Yeah-yeah, I'll be the last motherfucker breathing

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