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Do U Feel Pain?

Yung Ro

Huh yeah, Mr. Pain nigga (yeah I like that)
He don't feel me ain't real, so he don't exist
Poof be gone, (bitch)

Now when you cut does it bleed, and when it hurts you feeling me
(do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it)
Black on black crime in the ghetto, mama lost another son
(do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it)
Prisons got another baby, whole life done been shady
(do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it)
If you don't feel it then you numb, nigga we know pain where I'm from nigga
(do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it, do you feel it)

[Yung Ro]
How long can I take this, put up with fake shit
Keeping it basic, don't think I'ma make it
It's hard to face it, got everyone waiting
Went from Carrio hero, called it anticipating
But sometimes, I wanna cut my mic off
Sometimes I wanna go to my room, and cut the lights off
And meditate to find peace, and try to remember my purpose
But this pain is on my brain, I can't pretend it ain't hurting
So I got use to it, and made pain my friend

Shit I figured get cool with him, hey he coming again
You never seen a spiritual, lyrical miracle worker
And this material hearing, is my superior working
Through me, and I try to keep it all positive
But if you only understood, just how hard it is
Well what's worse is this chip on my shoulder, just keep getting bigger
Tired of watching that same picture, vision ain't getting clearer
Plus I can't even find a remote, to change the channel
Call me Nobody the Unknown hid, all deranged from scanners
Like David Banner might get ya, broke stole shot up
Hey-ho, no I bet ya your ass think about us
They lock up us, in the Penitentiaries
Them do's revolving, been going on for centuries
I feel the flames of the game, and the pain that it brings
I'm still a mayn but I remain, out my frame when it rains
Cause I'm a nobody nigga, yeah I know you feel me coming man
Walking not running man, creeping with my gun in hand
A funny man, (threatened me) and never hollered back
But that's the end of that story, don't believe me then holla back


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