YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Pour One

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Dj Swift on the track
I remember everything
Told him I'm never changing I got it

Remember smoking weed with your lil' brother
Matter fact nigga, I used to call you my big brother
Then you did some foul shit and had sex with my sister
Then threw it in my face in front the people on insta
I ain't gon' speak on that disease that y'all gave to each other
I take my lick and keep trucking, forever I keep it gutter
So much love for my brother even though I ain't give him nothing
All the shit he did for me I know he feelin' like fuck me
Remember my first time gettin' shot at, got a gun and start clutchin'
Billy and Ray we was thuggin'
All that night stealing sumthing
You introduced me to them boys and I ain't like them for nothing
For some reason I'm still happy that Big B had stuck
Missing Deno, man I really looked at dude like a brother
Saw him in jail and ion't know why but I had asked him to scuffle
This for Brianna, never thought that we would change on each other
My loyalty right here with Fat, but you still know that I love you
Three3 remember you and Ben was the ones that was stuntin'
I use to ain't have no money, asked Monique I was bummin'
Ben told me "Mane you alway fuckin' askin' for something"
Grandma had just died and nobody ain't want give me nothing
Stole Joe weed, got on my grind I was tryna make me something
I kept smokin' all my pack, I couldn't hustle for nothing
Some shit had came missin' out your pack and you had put the blame on me
Hurt me deep, you don't never suppose to question your brother
After all you did for me you think that I'll steal from you?
I had to distance myself, back through that North I was runnin'
I went to juvenile was lookin' at myself like a flunkie
Through a window I couldn't see out all I heard was some thunder
On the phone with Lashonda, she told me ashtray was dead on the corner
Started sayin' to myself I gotta get out this jungle
When them niggas killed my cousin mane that shit made me wonder
I keep a burner I refuse to let them boys put me up under

Come pour up with a real nigga
Light one up for them real niggas
I know Boozilla still with me
Yeah, I know Lil' Dave still with me
I know my grandma still with me, while I'm chasing after this mill ticket
I know my grandma still with me, while I'm chasing after this mill ticket

I hop out get the bustin' before I let myself die
Starin' down the barrel just like lookin' in your eye
Take one mine I'll make sure that we all cry
Take one of mine I swear that we gon' all cry
Top shottah, big mon, big mon
Top shottah, big mon, big mon
Top shottah, big mon, big mon
Fah mi fi dead, we don't spare none, spare none
Dive in that water with no vest on
Only thing I got is my teflon
Watch out I bet I stretch some
Watch out I bet I stretch some
See me in that Benz, hop out that Benz and they hatin'
You can run up on me and gon' catch one to the face
Pussyhole saw me and he went the other way
I'm like wha gwan we can do it anyday
And they hatin'
Pussy hoe saw me and he went the other way
Like wha gwan we can do it anyday
I'm like whatup? we can do it anyday

For some reason I have visions of someone splittin' my wig
Lord, please forgive me, for all the things that I done did
Mom, I'm sorry for being a bad kid
I hope you forgive me and pray for me til' the end

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