YoungBoy Never Broke Again

On Slime

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

I had came
I had came out today's streets you know North side (Yuh)
Lit Fuck
Lil' bitch ass nigga what you scared of (*Lighter, Lighter)
We sling ass and these bitch ass niggas ain't the niggas from across the tracks
Ain't no niggas would no one of dat' shit
Old bitch ass nigga I stood on everything
And you bitch ass nigga won't die for it

Hundred Bands on my head who want it
Gang symbols on the top of my motor
I don't want no diamonds for da cover my Rollie
Made nigga I'm the truth I was chosen
Preaching bad know the game like a spokesmen
Niggas bitches I can tell from they motions
Straight out the North diamonds hit from the mouth
I done stepped on the flow with the racks and the rover
My young niggas turnt in this bitch and they bogus
And I'm finna' fill your ass up with the deuces
Kept it One Hundred had lows can hold em'
Tyrin' to stay focused snake by the closest
Niggas bitches that's that shit I ain't felling they know I'm with it play em' clearing the business
In penitentiary with my nigga he stressin' tryin' to get a call he just got a sentence
I remember I ain't ever forget it
Just know I love you we ain't talk in a minute
These motions can't hide they need to collide and this for the day we finally did it
The last body I don't like how they did it
I wish they could have put him all in his feted
But they tore his body up with the chrome but fuck that it's how ever you get it

You can go ask the neighbors I rock the streets with hoes in my tines
Thank God I got my own now they hating that I'm in it
I hiding I ain't pussy there gonna be a killing
All my niggas die from a bullet I'm a make you feel that glisten

I ain't with that lame shit missed they back (Ya)
Ridding in the new May back (mhmm)
Beep Beep when the mission back
Take it out straighten up let a count up all these racks (mhmm)
For the bag I ain't going on the stage for da front
I be having this shit I don't cap I don't front (Ya)
New fit wit a brand new gun
New note took for da' bitch I don't even stunt' (Huh)
Drawing with the thing he gonna reign
Real nigga he a fisher he don't call to this day
Been loyal going position I'm felling attention I keep it One Hundred and One
Get it in the rain I ain't worried about the sun (what)
They down through the pain I'm as strong as they come
Them hitters gonna hit on my hunt they gonna hunt forever I stand I'm a lead in the front

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