YoungBoy Never Broke Again

My Mama Say

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Playboy on this bitch, but he ain't playing tho'

My mama say the streets
ain't for memy only choice to slang iron
Niggas keep trying, had to show 'em they can't touch me
These niggas steady keep dying
(Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)

That nigga dead and you can't bring 'em back
from talking, nigga
Let shots off at your head
you end up dead, I up that. 40, nigga
Bitch I'm rich as fuck and that's a must
I'm gone kill all them niggas
They know that I'm thugging til they put me in a coffin, nigga
Hundred rounds on that Draco (B-r-r-r-ap)
I up that pump, I blow that bitch, knock off your front door
(Buck, buck, buck)
Nba gang, solar eclipse, I be at Huncho, that 4ktrey
I shoot that stick like Rajon Rondo (Rajon Rando)
Diamonds on my neck, they shining hard
I spent a bank on it
Take it, bet I bust yo' fuckin' head, I bet my ring on it
Posted in that North
that's what we bang and I'ma stand on it
These niggas bitches, real killer
they know I ain't never ran from it
Since I came out they know
I never gave a fuck what they say
Catch that lil' boy who been dissing
shoot that bitch in his face
Wet up the block and kill the business
bitch I'm straight out the A
Them scary bitches know who with it
Double G spin every day

My mama say the streets ain't for me
My only choice to slang iron
Niggas keep trying, had to show them they can't touch me
These niggas steady keep dying

Roll up the purp', light up the blunt
and smoke the block out (Buck)
I run with some steppers, convicted felons
plus they dropouts (Buck)
I drop down 11 and shoot the texts
once he knocked out (Buck)
I step by Boozilla, my nigga told 'em like "Not my dawg"
I wit' some juveniles, they doped up
Lil D ain't never fold up (Yup)
So when he come home the rest of them niggas
they know what's up
Them niggas ain't gon' fuck with us
bitch name a nigga play wit' us
Big E and Q, they stay with us
you know we kept them K's with us

Nigga I'll bust his fucking head, see his brain cells
Who say they on that gang trail?
I'm posted in that North, where it ain't safe
they never came here
Pull up leave a stain in front yo' main crib
I swear we slanging. 9, for real
They play, these niggas dying, for real
I never waste no time, for real

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