YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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Intro (Life Before Fame)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

I came from nothing
Dream is the city and the Maserati
I'm fallin' off, I'm gettin' on, it's the hill I'm climbin'
My nigga, he just called my phone, Ddawg caught a body
Like bangers, click, and transmission, we promotin' violence
Now watch the dog fiendin' like the life in the dark
Life Before Fame, the roads to riches, this is where it start
The killing day, retaliation, time to go to war
Cheated on every girl, trusted one and she broke my heart
I'm singin' to myself, I'm really singin' to the stars
I'm thinkin' fast, I'm trippin' hard
Portrayed in my own boy
When everybody changin' on you, had to turn to God
Knockin' no corners in my music, comin' from my heart
Now this a girl that left my mama, ain't no rules in life
She thuggin' hard, fuckin' every nigga up in sight
People don't tell her right from wrong, but it's gon' be alright
I'm prayin' for you, I pray that you don't lose your life
Yeah, you know what it is, nigga, this Youngboy, man
You tuned into my mixtape
Life Before Fame

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