YoungBoy Never Broke Again


YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Mic check 1, 2 (How you wanna do it)
Imma check one and stretch two believe that (Bitch I'm too influenced)

In the car with a 357
You can catch me in the Valley with some niggas who be steppin'
And I won't sell a bitch a ounce but I'll sell em Up with that stick right in the south and I done let off 11
Now look here, I know some youngins in that Nawf who need some money
Reload the clip if it start clicking for a fact bitch he gon burn em
Choppa it hit em and slump em
Heard he be stashing that money we gon break in his house in the morning
I was way at a show when they had stepped on Lil A nigga come and approach me bout it Imma let the bitch have it
A bitch can't tell me about my bro cause that hoe know Imma savage
My brother say he like to fight I drop a bag Real quick this shit get real declare the war and I stamp it
Let 20 shots from out that Tec and this bitch here do some damage
Police got behind me and Lil Ben ain't hesitate I done ran it
And park the car behind the house it's out of sight we done vanished
Before you rep you better go and catch a body
And I ain't got this gun for to show off to nobody
Nigga ran his bike into my car I up that bitch and shot it
Vvs left my neck on froze but they know I'm the hottest
Murda man the top of the drop hollering stretch something
My niggas hit your block up with them Glocks and they gon whack something
I'm running with them niggas out that 8 and they gon wreck something
I bet that bitch get shot up in his face for tryna check something
Say you gon kill me on my mama (I ain't hiding bout it)
All of my niggas bout that drama (We gon slide bout it)
Come with that Glock up off my hip (We step on anybody)
Don't come through bouncing up in here (If you ain't kill nobody)

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