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6th dimensional shift

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Alright Kabbalah
Let the ritual begin
Remote viewing thru the 3rd when you look in my eyes
I'm walking in the shadows of both worlds
See me walking with prophets
666 is trancing all around me spirits from a source fulla energy up another level im rolling on a door bending reality to my will
Travelling in my merkabar to Kabbalahs source opening a door to the living dead In in the banned movie Star Trek summoning them bending reality to my will crystallise my energy into crystal earth open a portal in the banned movie star trek pyramids on planets
2 deep in the sky on a sky rocket I manifest all that I speak with my kundalini charkra
While I'm going back and fourth to my dream reality
Now im having sex letting the sexual energy meet the feelings I manifest with inifinite potential 6th dimensional shift
Im descending to kabbalahs source
I make moves time is illusion but I'm adding time 0. 0 with black magic and then let it align with the stars now possessing a time and place manifesting me bending reality to my will demons dancing on my verses comes dreams true like getting rich and wealthy with power amen

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