You Me At Six

Take Off Your Colours


Woah woah oh woah.

You've been looking at me like you've got something to say
You got flaws in your step, so you're miles away from anything a-a-a-anyway.
Lets get to the point, the words that fell of your lips, didn't mean anything; they didn't mean shit, to you or me.

But tonight, but tonight, we will be alright; oh the champagne is on ice for you and I.
And oh right and oh right, we will be alright, but this gossip we've got, this gossip keeps us alive. So let's just keep on talking.

I smell your scent on my skin and the clothes that I wear, it's a thought in my head and I can't shake it, of you and him. Sh-sh-sh-hake it
I am at the party too, I am in the room next to you, with your ear to the door and your back on the floor, and you look desperate.

So don't let me down.

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