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Runways And Freeways

You Me And Iowa

This town has imaginary spotlights
And everyone thinks that they're center stage
I'm an actor gonna make it as a film star
Or better yet, maybe I'll play the guitar

I know she's been sleeping around
Cause that's not my name on the marquee
I thought I was her golden boy
She said, "I never promised anything"

She said I promised nothing, nothing, nothing

And maybe you like what I've got to say
I'll twirl around you, and curtsey on your command
And maybe I'd learn to like it that way
Kinda kinky.
Kinda cheap, like I could be
Your best investment around
If you just take the time to listen
You've got offers all over this town
So I will make this short and sweet

I will make this short and sweet (nothing, nothing)

This town has imaginary spotlights
So shake that ass and maybe someone will see
Fuck art, you can save it for the late night PBS

Dance if you want to if it makes it better
Shake shake what you've got to forget why you came here
No, I'm not happy with anything less
Than all that you've got
Come kill me Los Angeles

C'mon take off your night things.

Lose heart, lose heart, live out the longer life.

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