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The Last Song



(verse 1)
everybody’s asking me lately where i’m from
they wanna know what i’ve been through and what dirt i’ve done
but man if i told you what i’ve seen and been through then you probably run off
that your scared of the truth so its dead and secret line and chalk
see i’ve been lost ever since i could walk
looking for my daddy and anyone of mamma’s boyfriends who would talk
or listen to me when i spoke instead of looking at me like a joke
leaving me behind leaving me to cry when you treated my momma like a ho
but i learned quick that my daddy wasn’t ever gonna come around
and i didn’t give a shit cause me and my momma we held it down
no new kicks first day of school i’m goodwill bound
but when you come from the trench that’s how you learn to walk around
so i don’t give a fuck if you ever lay eyes on top of my new shoes homey
i just wanted you to know i didn’t need a dollar from you i got ‘em myself
so if you find yourself in the middle of the floor with the bottle drinking yourself lonely
then you can keep company with the picture of me in the magazine on the shelf turn the page

daddy can you see me? i’m putting on a show
in the magazines hear me on the radio
so what do you think huh?
(i hope that your proud now
to watch it all go down)
i’m sorry daddy you didn’t get to watch me grow
now i’m always on the road no time to say hello
bye (and i hope that your proud now
to watch it all go down)

(verse 2)
yeah mamma you look great…perfect
be safe on your first date…for certain
if he brings you home too late… i’ll hurt him
don’t worry bout me i’m safe i’ll close the curtains
and i feel like i’m raising you but what do i know baby blue
all i know is that i was made in you so i put all my faith in you
yeah i was only ten but i felt like a man and i had to let you go
all i wanted was for us to be rich tear drops in my cereal bowl
so i turned into an asshole young and dumb smoking weed
vandalizing,robbing houses, stealing cars, that was me
but everything i did i had to see
feel the pain, had to grieve
to become who i am and i’m proud of the man i came to be
what i’ve learned cannot be taught
what i’ve earned cannot be bought
justified deserve it all
so don’t be concerned it’s not your fault
i never counted sheep i count my blessings
so if you see him now momma don’t give him the cold shoulder just give him my message just tell him


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