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Who The Fuck Is God


Who the fuck is
Who the fuck is

Two shots for me and fucking Jesus himself
Who the fuck signed the petition
giving Jesus the belt?
Tie it around his neck
and get to fucking buckling it up
For every moment I counted on him
I'm fucking him up
Torture victims are due to scriptures
it's written as such
So every moment
my uncle suffered was planned in the cut
Cut his tongue out
and hammered fucking nails in his skull
Couldn't see what Jesus planned, my vision is dull
And so
If there's a fucking god
I wanna slit his fucking throat
And feed his organs to the children
And, shower solutions to the black and the white
And, endless indulgence to the youth in the night
[?] all use to be causing a [?]
Drowning women
and many children and pillaging trust
Just the minimum, murdered many in sake of themself
He just replaced you
you are just a book on his shelf, and so

Who the fuck is God?
I said, who the fuck is God?
Is he a trap star or rockstar
Or the president
Doesn't leave many men
See, living for a reason I don't know
Fuck shit hoe

Society is a parasite that darkens the soul
Keeping us ignorant and under control
Our heart's growing colder as the eagle takes over
Drugs numb the pain that I carry on my shoulder
Smoking all this weed hoping that God forgives me
While I stand and refuse to bow down to my knees
Bow down to my knees
Fuck that
Smoke that Dmt

You never seen the shit I seen
Pullin' up in beams smoke by the steam
Once had hood dreams all about the cream
Then you with the team, servin' up the fiends
Poppy and a spleen, don't fuck with it
Now let me take you back to the story
that I once told
Ayy, ayy, that I once told

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