Vice City


Hey there you, looking for brighter season
Need to lay your burden down
Hey there you, drowning in a helpless feeling
Buried under deeper ground

I seem depressed, always being bothered never less
Keeping me out of prison and putting me to the test
They ask me what is happiness, you write it on a cheque
Or you feel it on the sweat, when your dick is in the breast

Hey there you- When the lights go out and you're on your own
Hey there you- When the lights go out and you're on your own

If death is what it seems
Why is it so vividly portrayed within my dreams?
Fear of understanding, the Devils running his course
Pitchers not receivers, it's coming straight from the source
Remorse, as this time becomes a factor
Minds full of greed exposing your benefactors
Backwards, pace backwards
Everybody is superficial, only breaching the surface
Surface, upon the Earth
Flames engulf the Earth
And prized possession they incinerate
This is far beyond any director tried to demonstrate
See the record, here's the record, take the record, set it straight
Perplexed, only receive slumber when that heaven gates
And this is fairly simple for your breath
Try and contemplate your conversates
Hesitating, navigation in the traits
Back to a time where minds were just matter
If you stated opinion then bones would begin to shatter
It didn't matter back then, cause there was no reacting, acting up
Chevy in black, accurate fact put the black in fact
If you thought that, you a bree, you should disregard that
All fact

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