Palm Trees


Pick litter the
Middle of six
Niggers is bitter
As dick lickers as licking
The cliques clitoris
Vigorous black bags
And the vividus black casper
And back the bash faster

Better, mean cash or with cassidy
And the passenger packin the shovel
Rackin up bodies, quicker than calories salaries
Mean spend it and vend it a pussy magnet and stagnant
And quick fragments of faggots
Who's clique blackin' with cactuses
And the package delivered
Fuckin' synonym cinnamon covered synonyms
Get' em got em'
Killin em killable fuckin liberal kidabble
Litta fucka' then suck a condom and couple looking with therapy

Office and officer
Of accomplishing condominets
Any converse is commonly
Incompetent prominence
Get a communist but
They never understand
How it feels to be a man
How it feels to be a man, hmm

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