Well, it looks like he's a little disoriented
Or something
It's always possible the guy
Could be on something
Um, (yelling in background)
Get off, get off, get off
Get off, get off, get off
Get off, get off, get off, get off
Get off it, get off it

See my reflection is vague
Looks are deceptive
Keep changing directive
And will leave your heart in a daze
Minds in a maze
Without a complain
I'm charging and putting the breaks
Knock knock
Who's there? young bitch
What you meant to me?
Couldn't be the same, if you vent to me
Now I pop these xans and this ecstasy
Any motherfucker
That could love a motherfucker
Could've loved another nigga
At the first, you see
And they changin' your mind
And the time, in the night
Coulda made a big hurt, you see
Hercules, with a heart full of darts
Should've known from the start
Bitch fuck retard in the mind as shit
Vague as shit, vague as shit
In this ocean, yeah
Paint it red
Now you're dead, soulless
With the dead
In this ocean, yeah
Paint it red
Brain dead
Brain dead (get off it)

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