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Let's do It Again


(featuring JD)
Rap by JD:
Star struck hoes beg me to connect with 'em,
'Cause I look correct with 'em,
And knows how to sex them.
Houses on two acre lakes in the peach state,
Eat steak and lobster,
Steady trying to prosper.
Build up my roster like the old Motown,
Too much to hold down,
And the whole world know now.
I demonstrate stackin' paint platinum tapes,
And bustin' that ass with groups like Xscape,
What the deal.

Verse One (Kandi):
I wanna see if you can get down,
Get down like you say you do.
In the midnight when I wanna feel right,
All I think about is you.
Put me in a fly position,
Make me wanna scream your name.
And just when you think I've had enough,
I'm like baby do you think we could do it again.

'Cause every time you show me that,
And every which way that you throw my back,
I just can't get enough,
I find myself saying let's do it again,
Let's do it again.
(Repeat x2)

Verse Two (LaTocha):
Tingle, tingle, my body,
You make me, oh baby,
I ain't been the same since then.
That night when you put me in a fly position,
You made me scream your name.
You can say I'm sprung, I don't give a damn,
I wanna do it again, and again, and again.

Repeat Chorus

When we made love for the first time,
It felt so good inside.
I laid across my bed,
And watched tears run from my eyes.
Too good to let it go,
So don't disturb this flow,
All I know is I can't wait,
Can't wait to do it again.

Repeat Chorus to fade

Outro (LaTocha):
In the morning,
Sweet love in the summertime,
Just your sweet face,
All laid up next to mine.

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