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How you do what you do it simply amazes me
But this feeling of love in the air well it simply estranges me
See I don't think I'd do any better
Besides I Feel a bit under the weather
And the drinks and the pills and the strobes ain't helping at all

Tip of my tongue
Tippin' that waitress and she got a smile that reminds me of you
But oh, don't slow me down
And this is all something I could forget about

Seems I've been waiting for my gavel to fall
And the best nights are always the nights that I missed
And I miss those most of all

Seems like it's all coming out of the woodwork
And I don't mind the carpenter's fee
And the best I ever was
was the best that I was when you left me

Whether I come, whether I go
I believe I will find what reminds me of you
But oh, don't slow me down now
And this is all coming out

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