X Ambassadors


X Ambassadors

I could be your friend
Under lock and key
I'd help you understand
I'd help you see right through to me

You got an x-ray mind
No sign of the world on your skin
Cover your mouth when you kiss me
Watch me crumple on in

They say the first bite is always the best
And you simmer and smolder
But you'll love me
When it's over

Someday I'll make you a star
Sure sure the talk of the town
Don't make this harder on me now
I wanna make you part of the in-crowd

But this hunger's insatiable
And I'm just as nervous as you
Straight like the point of an arrow honey
Tight like the knot of a noose

They say an old fire is not your old flame
With that chip on your shoulder
But you'll love me
When it's over

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