Project Ak-47

Wrench In The Works

The face of war has never looked so young. Armies of enslaved daughters and sons.
Denied existence so the world may never know. Tiny foot soldiers of the dope machine.
Underground evil regimes, mistreating children, creating killers.

Machine gun clad merchants of death. Machine gun clad merchants of death.
These are innocents in our Father’s eyes. We must put and end to their battle cries.
He has heard their prayers, this is genocide.

Tiny foot soldiers. Give them a chance, give them a choice.
Give back their lives, give them a voice.
Not another one stolen or bought for a fee. Not another kid saying: "My gun was as tall as me."
This past Cornerstone we learned about the ministry Project AK-47 and what they are all about. It really just hit close to home for us as a band and we felt a Godly calling to support them and bring awareness to people. Even to the point of us writing a song called "Project AK-47" on our new record which is inspired about the ministry. Basically the calling they have is to save child soldiers in Southeast Asia (over 300,000 kids) who have been kidnapped, orphaned or deceitfully recruited to serve as soldiers in government armies or drug cartels and for $7 you can save a child through them.

I mean, just think about what you were doing at age 7 or your little brother or sister or nephew or niece and then think about yourself or them training with a machine gun. It makes my stomach turn to think about what these kids go through in the fear they must face everyday.

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