Feel My Wrath

Wotan's Gungnir

Feel My Wrath

A population enraged by such blasphemy
I listened to priests praying in vain
Mingled with the singing and laughter of our enemy
So fools still use a book
instead of the brain
In fact she may be evil, but not as they say
I suggest you move to another path
Never alone
feeling surrounded by beings like her
They are not sweet like their daughters

I know
I'm going
to choke, massacre
Stab, cut, drown
to torture, bury
stone, mistreat, punch, feed the crows
kick, hit, by fire
And when to return to the town
Everyone will judge my fury. (Ahahahaha)

Gonna you burn me now?
Gonna you burn me now?
Gonna you burn me now?
Burn me now!

Compositor: Wotans Gungnir

Letra enviada por Mateus Brownstone

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