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Till I Sleep


(Ivan Drever)
There's not really a story to this one, however, if you like it, it's for you!
I'll walk this way until I sleep
I'll ride this road until I die
I'd take you with me if you'd come
It's keeping me alive
I'd talk to those who'd put me down
I'd listen without prejudice
The only thing I ever owned
Was living deep inside
I'll ride this horse into the wind
I'll take you with me when I go
My song is precious can't you see
I'll sing it till I sleep
I'll fly with wings that soar above
The land that lies beneath me
The only thing I've ever owned
Was living deep inside
I'd walk through hills and glens for those
Who mean the world to me and I
Would rather see you stay than go
But now we must decide
I'll ride the surf on board this ship
That takes me o'er the foaming sea
Unites me with my family
And those that I'd caress
So till I sleep, I'll carry on
So till I die, I'll run along
These lines I drew myself have gone
You know it's only right
And when my senses have all gone
And when myself I am alone
I'll count my blessings one by one
And then I'll say good night

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