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This Strange Place


(Ivan Drever)
Written for and about some of the people who have passed through (and in some cases
still reside) at number fifteen, a secret location somewhere in Inverness. Beware you may
end up there!
Let me take you up these stairs
Let me introduce you to another world
Let me lead you through these doors
Let me tell you of the stories that they keep
For the crazy, it's a magnet
From a distance, you can sense it
Won't you come on in and view it from this side
Me and Davie, we're not crazy
Was a man here, he was lazy
Come and view the scene from across the great divide
Let me show you where to come
It's an open house where no one has to leave
Where united nations talk
All the many languages they speak
We can show you how to dance
We can teach you rhythms right down to your feet
No you won't believe your eyes
When I show you all the secrets that it keeps
There is none of us that's mad
It just seems that way when you open up the door
Well it would never make you sad
Cause the people who pass through come back for more

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