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The Brave Foot Soilders


I once had a dream where no-one
had to walk two hundred miles
I once said it would not happen anymore
From the borders to the northlands
of this land we call our own
Surely this is something worth fighting for


For we are the Brave Foot Soldiers
For we care for those who share in poverty
For our children's hopes and dreams
and their children's plans and schemes

For we are marching on the road to victory
I once had a notion that my father's
time had not been wasted
I said at least for us it would be fine
Not for us a struggling life of
fighting for what we believe in
No, our hardships would be of a different kind


I once heard a call that told me it
was well worth fighting for
I once saw a vision there before my eyes
Of a land where there was work for
all and plenty more to spare
No more empty promises and no more lies


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