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The Braes Of Sutherland


Farewell you braes o' Sutherland,
I'll ne'er see you no more
For I must take a strangers pat h
and leave my native shore
My friends and my acquaintances
I'll give you now my hand
For I will ne'er be back again on
the Braes o' Sutherland

You can cast at me the first stone,
I'll cast it to the floor
You can try to clip my wings,
over mountains I will soar
You can wear your white satin
robes and I will wear my pride
And to hold me back you might
as well hold back the morning tide

Farewell you roads to Spinningdale,
this chapter now will close
To the ghosts that thay lie at
Carbisdale and the downfall of Montrose
To Ardgay and to Invershin, no
more I'll walk your sands
For I have to leave my
memories on the Braes of Sutherland

I now will leave my native
home for the shores of America
My love I leave behind me
now, I can no longer stay
The orders from the castle come
by the Duke's right hand
I fear that I must leave thee
there on the Braes of Sutherland

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