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Let Them Sing


(Ivan Drever)
Written by way of a celebration for music and dance. Watching my seven year old
daughter's enjoyment of both never ceases to amaze me.
Let me dive into a river of songs
Let them rest easy
While we right the wrongs of the world
Let me hear all the notes played on the scale
That were sung long ago
In the rain while we waited to dance
Let them sing when you play those strings
Like the little one dancing
And all that romancing
Won't you let them sing
Hear the words scanning the length of the line
Why don't we sing them
With hope in our hearts one mor time
Carry me down to that river of tunes
Carry on dancing
With all the grace that you can
No one quite knows where the music comes from
No one can answer the questions
From those far away
Everyone knows what their soul holds within
Everyone dances a little
To tunes that are played

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