Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa

Blacc Hollywood

Leather on leather nigga, that's raw
Take that og kush, put it in a raw
Bitch so bad had to hit it raw
Ask me how I'm living mane, I'm living raw
And I'm smoking good when I'm in my car
Niggas want beef, you can get it raw
Got these niggas sick, everything is raw
Ask me how I'm living mane, I'm living raw

Rolling joints like ice cube, living raw like payday
Get a pound by next friday, get me gone and I'll be faded
And they say I got that raw, yeah I got that slim shady
They be running for that pure, yelawolf that mgk
I got a house like scarface's, got a car that win races
Got some kk in the jar, know it's raw when you taste it
Eating sushi with my broad, order raw when you place it
Niggas say that they want war, I'm the wrong one to play with
Riding round, blowing pounds, so much loud
On a cloud, roll up now, throwing thou's
In your town, how it sound
Really do some for the game when
They started stealing your style
Bring the kush, it's going down

Niggas over doing shit, I just give it to 'em raw
Drinking bombay, straight buying bottles from the bar
Book a flight with miley cyrus, and we going to the stars
Got that odb cuz they say they like it raw
I got a four fifty engine, in the hood of my car
It sound like a dinosaur, you should hear when it roar
I let tuki hit the wax, you was sleeping on the floor
Hear a nigga talking shit when we creeping through your door
Her homegirl said she wanna leave with her best friend
She gon' suck it like a straw
I got dollars, I got diamonds, plus I blow it by the onion
I'ma give it to them raw

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