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    Way before your time the world knew this would happen
    Was destiny to many, was just hard work for you
    As you were brought into this world
    You tried to find out about your surroundings
    The people, the feeling of being alive and breathing the air
    The smiles you see at that point are the ones
    You should always remember
    Authentic is

    Due to the choices you make for yourself
    It'll be a bunch of fake smiles so easy to forget
    But some although not healthy for them will create an understanding of what the word real means
    Us [?] one of your greatest attributes
    Others before thyself as long as long as thyself is taken care of is well being
    And money, well, I know you know how to get money
    I'm gonna say this one time only, live young man, you deserve it
    Let's celebrate, blacc hollywood

    And we be in the club, buying all our champagne
    Spillin' it on the couches
    Me and my niggas deserve this shit
    We was there for the come up
    I am blacc hollywood, I live blacc hollywood

    Yea, yea, yea
    Hope you got thousands in your pocket
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love
    Hope you pop a lot of bottles
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love
    Hope you drive the newest lookin'
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love

    Hope you brought a lot of draws
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love
    That's no love
    That's no love
    That's no love
    That's no love
    Hope you got thousands in your pocket
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love
    Hope you pop a lot of bottles
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love

    Pull up to the club with my thugs smokin' so strong
    Hop out and walk through the back
    So high I don't know where I'm at
    Them bitches get open, I'm with some
    Niggas who all 'bout that action
    Poppin' them bottles, you look outside, see them foreigns
    She get them dollars out them niggas
    Cause she ain't lookin' for love
    Smoke that loud up by the pound
    She get champagne and drink it up

    Hope you ain't a [?] cause
    She ain't lookin' for cuffs
    In the club spinnin' [?] she in your face, you think it's love
    Said you throwin' dubs, bro that ain't enough
    Money, clothes, and drugs
    That's what bitches love
    Rollie cold as fuck, that's what bitches love
    Back to the topic, pop that ass
    And please don't stop it

    That's no love, that's no love
    That's your bitch, get her bed in my truck
    You ain't give her what she needed
    And she ain't lookin' for love
    Homie she don't want no flowers
    Only make her cum

    Poppin' ass, kinda naughty
    Met her ass at the party
    Took her to the after party
    Drink some gin off her body
    Spend some ends
    Now I'm going in
    Took her and her friend, hit the skins
    Then we smoked again, eyes like I'm korean

    Shots of gin
    That's what all this juice is for
    In blacc hollywood
    That's my newest car
    I'm like eney meeney, I got plenty
    Pockets filled with hundreds, fifties
    Nothin' lower, come fuck
    With a stoner and get stoned

    Letra enviada por Gabriel Antunes
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