Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa


Even though you may not be here physically
you still walk with me
Even though I can't hear your voice
I still feel your guidance everyday
Every breath you take
every move you make
that's what you say while you're watching me
Throughout the day and even when I sleep
When my flesh makes me weak, you see the God in me
Forcing me to be what I'm destined to be
Damn near feel like you're carrying me
At times when I felt like I would drown
you pulled me back to the surface
Nurture my heart with words of encouragement
Told me shit like, “You too good for that”
Patted me on my back to congratulate me
and show me what it really meant to be to be myself
And now I feel like I can fly, the same way you fly
I know one day our paths will collide again
I ain't trippin'
I got shit to do and you got more miracles to work too
And you can do way more where you're at than where you were
You ain't have to leave here, but you did
You knew your purpose was bigger and you accepted it
And for that, I'll always thank you
I be acting tough, but I miss you though
Crackin' jokes and shit
I even still got that video of you
and Bash when we came to see you a while ago
And even though you may not be here physically
When shit gets tough and I don't know who to call
And I feel like I can't take no more
And there's no one else on the road
You still walk with me

Started losing friends too early
Maybe seventh grade, B Leu was like my brother
They shot him in his head
Invite him to my birthday party
He the only one that came
I never knew from that day I'd never be the same
Early mornings watching news I seen another murder
Seventh grade middle school, just to show me a burner
Jasmine's cousins wanted to jump me because I made her cry
Wasn't before the year was over one of them nigga died
Eighth grade for some reason I was desensitized
Ninth grade I moved away to live another life
My mom sent me to high school on the other side
‘Cause when Greg got killed she was traumatized
Houser was the fuckin' man when he was alive
Taught us everything we know about gettin' fried
Teff was young and dissing from the city
So they felt like they had to come through and slide
My Uncle Mon P was a younger nigga
All I ever did was have fun with him
I can't imagine nigga having beef with him
It's fucked up my son didn't get to meet him

So many lanes, so many riders
so many things with family ties
Mainer got killed over a chick he was right beside
When OG passed away, I was so surprised
Was on the road with Chevy when I heard Ray died
When Evan got killed I knew shit wasn't right
I could still see the look in his sister's eyes
They shot Wapo in his head the day that he signed
Not to mention my brother, felt like my heart died
No pride, no Mac Miller, the whole ride
When Nip passed away, I fasho cried
A lot of pain, but I don't even show it
Nigga probably didn't even know
that I got all these damn homies

So many lanes, so many riders
so many things with family ties
So many lanes, so many riders
so many things with family ties
Sledg was like my big brother
Used to pull up for beats
Used to hear me in that Bonneville all the way up the street
He put me on the game, he had all the freaks
Taught me how to dress, but showed me shit wasn't sweet
Chevy was older than me, didn't know that we would meet
I did a song at the studio with him and Freeze
Used to be on the battle scene
If anyone owed me money they had to talk to Breeze
Not to mention he taught me lots of things
Like how to clean up my circle, stay low from police
S used to be the big homie
till he made a diss song 'bout me
Late nights in the studio me, him and Bo
He was the sickest in the city, had the illest flow
They had pounds of haze when was smoking dro
Counted like ten stacks in front of me after school
When Spitta came to scoop me up, he had the 2
I wasn't carrying, he said I had to have one too
These in the city catch you when you passing through
And I'll be damned if I don't do what I have to do
I met Shipes at South By, he was hella cool
He introduced me to DZA, now that's my man too
Me and Krit went on our first tour
I moved to Cali and met Big U
Always smoking I would trick tricks
since early days in Michigan
This shit I don't say in my interviews
A lot of love and ain't afraid to show it
You nigga probably didn't even know
that I got all these real homies

This one right here is for all my, all my, all my homies
This one right here is for all my, all my homies
This one right here is for all my, all my, all my homies
This one right here is for all my, all my homies

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