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Are You Ready?


Are you part of the future
Part of the plan?
Are you willing and able
To do what you can?
Are you part of the problem
Or part of the band?
Are you willing to draw
A line in the sand?
Are you true to your friends
Loyal to your brand?
Are you smoking for China
Iraq or Japan?
Are you searching for something
You don't understand?
Do you still hold ambitions
Of being a man?

Are you ready to live?
Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to live?
Are you ready to die?

Are you sickening for something?
Feeling unwell?
Are you drawn to corruption
In love with its smell?
Are you keeping a secret
Got something to tell?
Are you fighting for reason
Under its spell?
Are you dreaming of Heaven
Living in Hell?
Are you preaching for Jesus
For Apple or Dell?
Are you doomed to succeed
Are you happy to fail?
Are you facing extinction
The end of the trail?

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