Wilson Pickett

It's Too Late

Wilson Pickett


It's too late (too late, too late)
Said it's too late, yes it is (too late)
My love is gone away to stay (too late)
Don't you know it's too late now
Listen, children, I wanna tell you this
It's too late to cry (too late to cry)
It's too late to cry now (too late to cry)
My love is gone away, yes she has (too late)
Wo wo (too late) she has (too late)

I just guess that you're wonderin' why I always sing a sad song
But you see, I had a woman who was very good to me
& I can remember the times she used to sit down & tell me these words:
Said, "Pickett, I want you to know I love you from the bottom of my heart
& whatever you need, I don't want you to go to your mother, your father, your sister or your brother
I'll be a leadin' pull when you're fallin' down
When all your money's gone, I want you to know you can count on me"
But I didn't appreciate that woman then
You know what? I had to run & chase after every little girl around town
So finally one day I got home & I found my little girl gone
& people, you know it hurt me so bad (ha ha) I had to hang my little head & cry
Then I began to read the letter she left for me layin' there; it read like this, children

It's too late, she's gone, oh (she's gone)
"It's too late I'm gone away" (she's gone)
Ah yeah (too late) don't you know it, children (too late)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Say it one more time (too late) listen (too late)
I wanna hear you understand what I'm talkin' about (too late)

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