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Everything I Need

Wilson Phillips

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We've been through so much
we've stayed in close touch
seems like we've always been together.
We've sung the same song
unchanged for so long
seems like we've been singing it forever.

When love began so easily
feels like it was meant to be
You're the special lover Heaven chose me
And after all is said and done
we've had our fights we've had our fun
and you're the only one who really knows me.

And Everything I Need I find in you.

Time keeps on going
love keeps on growing
and all the changes that we go through
are so revealing
they leave me feeling
I'm just so happy that I know you

Everyone I ever knew
is looking for a someone who
can fit into the spaces in their dreams
I don't know where we're headed to
but here is me and there is you
or so it seems, yeah so it seems

Whatever happens, we'll make it happen
don't need to worry about tomorrow
We have each other and we'll discover
life has it's happiness and sorrow

But we'll continue come what may
love grows stronger every day
We've discovered so much more about it
It feels so right it feels so good
it feels the way a true love should
I can't imagine living life without it

And everything I need I find in you.

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