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Need To Know

Willow Smith

Your body is like a blanket
That falls sweetly around me
Your love, I cannot take it
Sometimes I feel my heart's roping
And I'm frowning
But I wanna know
Yes, I wanna know
Why is my mind so desperate?
Yes, I wanna know
Yes, I have to know
My heart don't get it

I need to know, I need to know

My mind is like a prison
Called "circling irony"
I travel in all directions
Only to find myself
On the same place your standing
I wanna know, I have to know
How do I reverse this?
I wanna know, I need to know
How do a transcendence?

How do you? how?
How do you transcend?
How do you make friends?
I need to know

How? how do you?
How do you transcend?
I need to know

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