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Find You Somewhere

Willow Smith

Regravação de Ace (dj)

I'm kinda lost now
Veins intervening
No meaning
I have no cause now.
My heart is bleeding a teeny bit
I need gauze now.
I'm only pleading that you and me can be awesome.
But that's so unrealistic
The pain that you inflicted
It's so wicked
I'm addicted
Girl the plates have shifted
I ain't trying to get phy-si-cal
I just, wanna know
Do you still wear lipstick?
You're so encryptive
Your love's my drug and you got me lifted
Just one night come chill with the Misfits, uh
We can just be friends
And we'll hold hands and dance until the night ends
And, I'll run the engines
Don't worry about vengeance
I'll let you finish all of my sentence-s
You right here right now
Girl that's a blessing
Just one night we should learn some lessons
Looking so fly love the way that you dressing uh
Like this we can get some more
Get it popping like a festival
But the rest should go
I steady you just give me the pace
I just can't breathe like I'm living in space
I'ma kick it with AcE
I'm a'ite been in the states
Cos my life is a chase
And I'm winning the race
See that you wanted the taste
Starts here with my hand on your waist
I don't care what they say
I wasn't even looking at you
But they said you here with that dude
Is that true?
Pop up in a cab too
We be running til I catch you
Don't doubt that
Run away with the sky with that
Misfits we about that
That's a kick right there lil homie, you shout that
Going down real wild with that, we going up right now

I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere

Uh we'll look up, look up something precious
All I'm seeing is toothpicks in dresses
Well I guess it's
Time to leave
Until I got so intrigued
With summin I can believe, it's like
Walk through and put a joke in pieces
All that means is
Time to go get us some pizzas
Cos we can go to Ibiza
And Indonesia
Or wherever I can please ya
Girl I'm not gonna tease ya
We can go up in the trees or in the palace like Caesar
Just tell me where the keys are
Say cheese uh
Hey taking pictures
I'm not broke so you can't fix us
I'm the vicious
Yes you'll miss us
Girls and kisses
Rep the sixes, ha
Misfits we sorry
Here at 4 in the morning
Belt I'll raise you some Ralph Lauren
All them parties are boring
Our issues is so boring
We be why will we touring
We care less about insurance
Insure this this ain't important
We're messing up the décor
And, we'll end up right on the floor
And, we're coolin now we're guitaring
We're messing up all your chores
Fix it all in the morning
Misfits is in it's roaring
And Willow's kicking the door in
And AcE is killing them chords cos

I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere
I think I can find you somewhere

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