Willow Smith


Willow Smith

I do not care what people say
I'll play this game the way I play
And all the voices that we hear
Just come from us (whispers don't have ears)
We don't have ears

Just take me away further away down to the beach
Maybe we'll stay take me away take me away today

You don't have to be scared
You don't have to wonder why you can just sit here
You can just look in my eyes
That's not love, hmm (that's not, that's not love)
That's not love, hmm

Sorry you had to go (oh oh) through this, (oh woah)
You've had many other chances

(Oh, oh woah) sorry you came back to earth like this
(oh, oh woah)
You've been to so many places

No I'm looking for 'Solana' and I [?]
No I'm looking for 'Solana' in a hurricane
What? s with my hair today hair today
I have it under a turban under a turban
Under a turban right now
I cannot word it, I'm doing?
Dreads in the back
I hope that they grow you can say yes
Or you can say no
All you can say go or you can say go

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