Willow Smith


Willow Smith

The 1st

Hey mom, I met a boy
He plays guitar
He likes Quentin Tarantino
And really sad songs

Anxiety attacks when he wakes up in the morning
And I can't help the thought
he thinks I'm boring
'Cause I come from a cluster of super bright stars
And probably to him it feels scary to reach that far
But down on Earth there's so much pain
But way up here we explore galaxies

Hey mom, I met a boy
He's super sad
But I think that I love him
Is that bad?
Anxiety attacks when I wake up in the morning
Dude, how come? This is wack
Is love just torment?
But they say life has a silver lining
And I say I will find it my way

'Cause down on Earth theres so much pain
And way up here there's galaxies

Hey God, are you there? I need to talk
I feeling love is here and then is not
We hysterically cry when we wake up in the morning
Could you please tell us why life feels like torment?

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