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No Place To Fly

Willie Nelson


The road ain't gettin' shorter
And I think the weed is gettin' stronger
And I'm tryin' not to speak
To no one who don't care

I'm spinnin' around in a whirlpool of letters
That run in a circle and try to break free in my mind

And I know I'm still young
But I can only get older
And I know that sometimes
I hurt you and I'm gone

Well it's a story as old as the fire that brought us together
You think that we'd learn but you still remain

In the back of my mind
Eatin' up all my time
Hangin' weightless in the sky
Like an angel with no place to fly

Everyday I get stoned
I simply try to write a song
The road is like a river
That sings when I'm alone

I'm sittin' beside a window of light

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