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    Yo Jeff baby lets keep it ol skool
    Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up
    Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince back together
    Now Jeff look go ahead and warm that thing up boy
    Warm that thing up
    Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up
    A-ight now you
    Look I know its been a minute since we did this thing
    But I want you to go ahead you get ready
    Cause we gonna tear this place down
    Jazzy blaze
    Comin with it
    Say what say what
    Strike the flame up
    *Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up*
    Right haha
    Now Jeff do that thing where you snatch it back
    *Pump Me Up*
    Wooh haha DJ Jazzy Jeff
    Look boy you know we don't miss a step when we do this thing
    Now give me that quick scratch quick scratch
    Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up
    Uh Now Jeff everywhere I go everybody ask me
    "Look you and Jeff, Jeff still cutting, Jeff still do his thing"
    Now you got to show these folks how you put your thing down right
    Now you got to show these folks how you put your thing down Jazzy
    Now go ahead
    Now I'm a give you a minute I'm gonna ease on back
    I'm gonna let you do your thing
    Say what
    Say What Say What
    Woo Woo
    Jeff do the echo scratch
    Again Echo
    (Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up)
    Jazzy Jeff yall
    Jazzy Jeff yall
    Jeff ol skool transformer transformer
    Now boy you no you got ta let me get a taste of this thing
    Nu skool style
    Blend the old with the new
    A little bit of this a little bit of that
    Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince coming back at ya
    A-ight now Jeff now come on let me do my thing
    Gimme a scratch toss it let me do my thang
    What What What
    Back shaking the dust off
    Knocking the rust off
    Your highnesses
    Philly's finesess
    Back for the addict
    The fanatic
    The hype fan
    Just me and Jeff tables and a mic stand
    For those that wasn't down from the start
    And don't realise the cuttin is a workin of art
    Musical monet
    All day to get down to yo
    Let em know what DJ Jeff Townes do
    *This Dj he gets down mixing records*
    Round the block
    Back in philly man the album was late
    Gratitude instead a attitude for making ya wait
    Time to retaliate against the players that hate
    *I was giving you time to get the last one straight*
    Brothers always screaming about keeping it real
    Don't get no realer than the mic with your boy on the wheels
    True dat yall can run but you cant escape he like a
    *Man with a super S on his cape*
    High supremacy
    Based on chemistry
    No need for sensing me
    Your hennisee
    Top dogs from the hood
    Popping back to the hood
    *I hate to brag but damn I'm good*
    Yo Jeff it's been a minute since me and you ripped
    But some of the ol diehards might have thinked that you flipped
    I heard some guy implied that you lost your cut
    How you respond to that Jeff
    *Ha what?*
    What's a rapper if his cuts don't fit?
    And what's a DJ if his cuts don't hit Jeff?
    Now whats a party if the crowd don't flip?
    Well we can do it all baby
    We can do it all baby
    We can do it all baby
    Just like this
    *like this* (what)
    Jazzy Jeff blaze
    *Like this*

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