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    Git on the floor!!!!! Whoa! I'm the Party Starter,
    You might have a good time but we party harder
    So, tell the DJ to play my song
    & we could dance all night to the early mornin'

    Oh! I'm the Party Starter,
    You might have a good time but we party harder
    So, tell the DJ to play my song
    & we could dance all night to the early mornin'

    [VERSE 1]
    Dance, an aphrodisiac
    Women gyrating, simulating sensual acts
    To stimulating musical tracks
    I thought I was just gon' come out tonight & get a brew & relax
    But no! Uh uh, when you're the party starter
    It's like you're on call, you're what the doctor ordered
    It's like you gotta block the border to the door
    & shock em when it's boring....
    Ughh, it's the groovicide bomber, mic in my vest
    Tight, strapped to my chest
    Like, I'ma run up in the party hollerin'
    & be like "Ohhh!", fulfillin' my callin'
    Big! (Big), Will! (Will), that's my name, whoop!
    Writin' rhymes, that's my game, whoop!
    Ask me again and I'll tell you the same, whoop!
    Just write ya number down right next to ya name, girl


    [VERSE 2]
    He was raised in the days when the roof was raised
    Every rap occasion, new & amazing
    The back of the stage amazed and gazin'
    Prayin for the day they would one day praise him
    Studied the ways of the game & made it
    Came through the maze & the haze & played it perfect
    Days any person hated & cursed him, he was unfazed
    He waited, it was worth it, he never retaliated
    He saved it, slavin', on the road blazin'
    Days when he was low, nothin' could raise him
    He came to the show & somethin' uncaged in him
    Like the pope, but its party crusade, I'm like braids that's never gon'
    fade (ya heard)
    I'm like, 23's on an Escalade, throw me into the rave
    like you threw a grenade - BOOM!!


    [VERSE 3]
    I call for the days of the unadulterated
    When the artistry was cultivated
    You know, back when rap was smart and multilayered
    We could rap without A&Rs& ultimatums (damn)
    Now today I could say I long for the days when the party was all about
    I was a mini-party starter then
    My mind bends when I call my pen
    The big question should I run the mind a vittle
    Food for thought or dumb the rhyme a little
    But Will "if you come to high that'll alienate folks & they won't buy
    Look, people getting trapped in the track
    & they be clappin', even when the rappin' is wack
    Yo, what happened, when did we get happy wit that?
    He's old-fashioned (yup), but let's be happy he's back
    (Ya heard me!)


    -=|† ÐJAME§ †|=-

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