Turned 21

Wilko Johnson

Going Back Home

Caught in my mirror, the sun
Stares with his one crazy eye
From a burning blue sky
And we walked on and on
Darlin? you turned twenty one

Tryin? to get everything done
Out in the distance the haze
And the long summer days
And they beat like a drum
Darlin? you turned twenty one

All that (pause) this heart of mine
Could never maintain
I felt like (pause) it never would change

Then I was alone in your room
You? d been out spending my time
Where the flowers of crime
Hide away in the gloom
I was left thinking of you

You got back (pause) and I just sat
While you lied in my face
Looking back on a world turned to waste

Now that it? s over and gone
I get a picture of you
On some broad avenue
With the night coming on
Darlin? you turned twenty one

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