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I Keep It To Myself

Wilko Johnson

Going Back Home

Well wait a minute baby
Ah, what ya gonna do
You can call me crazy
Well, I warrnn... d you
Don't wanna get turned down
Don't wanna frisk nobody 'round now

Honey how can you ever want another man's lovin'
When he be no better than mine?
Well I don't need help from anybody else
I'm gonna be your lover want to keep it to myself

Here come another girl
ringing on a bell
This girl, that girl... well, well

Don't follow no footsteps
Don't wanna track nobody down, now

One girl sitting on a train or standing on
platform number 9
I ain't gonna tell... anybody else
That she lives on the corner
Gonna keep it to myself

Well, you like it in the weather babe
but, there gonna be a time
Even tho you like me, and it's the right time
Somebody gonna tell you
somebody gotta put you down

Well it's a long time coming
but little by little I grab you outta my mind
One day when you're by yourself
and you need a little help
you're gonna want my lovin and I'll keep it to myself

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