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Home (Live at Merv Griffin show 1983)

Whitney Houston

Regravação de Diana Ross

When I think, home
I think of... place
where ther's love overflowing
I wish was home... I wish was back there
With the things I've been knowing
Winds that makes the tall grass bend into leaning
And suddenly rain drops the fall, they have a meaning sprinkling
the scene... makes it all soul... clean
And maybe there is, a chance... for me to go back
Now that I, I have some direction
And it, it would be nice... to be back
Where there's love, love and affection
And just, maybe I can... convince time
to slow up... and giving me
Enough time in my life
To grow... up
Please be my friend
and let me start
Suddenly my world, gonna a chance, it's face
But I... know, I... know
where I going
I have my mind spun around, then around in space
Yet, I've watched
It growing
Oh... , now if you're linstening God
So won't please... try not, to make hard
to know I shouldn't believe inevrything
Ervything then I see
Tell me
Should I try and stay or maybe should I run... away
Would it be better, better, better, better... just to let the things be?
Living here in my brand... new wolrd
it's might, be a fantasy, yes
Yes it could be, but it taught me, too loove
So I knoow that's it's real, it's real it's all real... to me
And I've learnet, that ewe must look insi... de our heart... to fiind
Yeah, we gotta find
A world full of loove... like look like
Like miine, yours
Hoome... hoo ohohohohohoho... home

Composição: Charlie Smalls

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