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Real Deal Mamma

White Denim

I keep smiling at the truck stop, gonna forget about my bills
Needing baby to get over soon, I'm looking for a new deal
I try to make enough to share, it turns out I've got no friends
I'm watching the phone, (I'm gonna) I'm gonna make amends
My head is a disaster, my mittens in the dirt
I'm out all night just drinking, sinking helium and every word

Cause I'm the real deal momma, I've still got a lot to prove
May be confusing about a few things, but honey, I'm on the move

Well I knew a dude for years but his name I won't recall
When it hangs up in the air you'd swear that he was nearly ten feet tall
Blood spraying everywhere, you'd think [?]
But he's slashing at your floor, but he flashes
that big toothed smile
Oh, he came from the suburbs
but he's wearing country clothes
Custom embroidery, so everybody knows

He's the real deal momma, he's sure got a lot to prove
I do wish he'd spare some of the bullshit, and give me something I can use

Nostradamus at the office is making sure that he gets his
Savage in the wild, bashing heads and swinging sticks
Sometimes I like to dream that I am lost at sea
I don't know why but I'm always trying to buy something everybody gets for free
It's highly unlikely that I'm gonna disappear
So I'm hanging on with everything I've got
I'm gonna fight for another year

'Cause I'm the real deal momma, I've still got a lot to lose
May be confusing about a few things
but honey, I'm on the move

Letra enviada por Leandro Lima

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