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Queen Of The Quarentine

White Denim

She's a vision in a face mask and gloves
She's the one whom I love by quite far
And there's none in between
Yeah, we're making the isolation scene
She's the queen of the quarantine

At the bridge of the city she stands
Breaking hearts while we're frantically
Washing our hands, and repeating routines
She's the queen of the quarantine

There's language [?]
[?] contempt for [?]
I can see where it goes
So I'm trying to keep up resistance
And doin' my best to maintain my healthy distance
But I'm keepin' her close

This panic's a perfect excuse
While the virus is loose, we're just making
The most of our time, do you see what I mean?

And in spite of my fear, I feel rested
You don't know what you got
Till the day that it gets tested
And so far [?]
She's my queen of the quarantine

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