It's Him

White Denim

Well then you've got it all now
And we hardly blinked our eyes
And it's all making such sense now
It won't need to tell us why

You came here in the first place
And it's nothing like what you thought it'd be
You can have it any way that you might want it

And you'll see

Think of it in the ? hands
Think of it in the park
Try not to get your mind wandering
Around it in the dark
You can think of it a little
You can think of it a lot

We'll see

It's him
And it's been
So long
Can't wait to get home
And then what now?
Look at you
You're cooking loose
You talk through
What you think is gonna happen next time?
You look slim
Feeling where you've been
But then again
But then again
It's been so high

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