Fine Slime

White Denim


You work all night until your girlfriend calls
you say you just can't find time
Gotta interrupt, start serving mush
oh but you call it fine slime
Do what you have to do til' someone gets mad at you
but you survive
Then you rearrange and stay in danger
til everybody says bye bye

Look out
The water's cold

Oh you can't stand it but your life demands
that you adhere to guidelines
You catch a bus, so curious, sleep on a night line
? policing, you watch the street then quench your appetite
Do what you have to do, no one gets mad at you
if your alibi is airtight, airtight

Look out
The water's cold
The water's cold

When you want it you can get it, when you get it put it down
(You got what you wanted adjust the ceiling come down)
When you open your eyes, you see the rain come down
(Is this what you wanted... ?)

You've already got it, carry it and fall down
Your dream brings?
You got what you wanted
but you don't wanna come down

Slow me right down
(You got what you wanted and yet you got to come round)

You walk and talk adjust the clock
and change the locks to make your dime shine
You run uphill, and sign the deals, tell me how that feels
To strut the fine line
Try on new attitudes your long and latitudes
and take some me time
Maybe rearrange, and stay in danger
til' everybody says bye bye
But look out

The water's cold
The water's cold

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