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Backseat Driver

White Denim


You say you felt it coming
Then watched it come apart
You won't believe something, where do we start
Time wasting, my mind breaking
Taking my time waiting

This isn't what we ordered
Kids pack aquarium
A pain in my left shoulder, fingertips going numb
Beep beep, backseat driver
I get em for the wait
Along with forest fires
Born again, I'm born too late

Is it real or not at all?

Looking for some meaning, looking everywhere
Looks can be deceiving
Most folks don't seem to care
I watch the days creeping
I'm listening to the judge
Walking and never dreaming
Can't even see?
My mind breaking, my time wasting
Taking my time waiting
Beep beep, backseat driver
Oh you won't see the end
When do you stop pretending
That it makes any sense

Is it real or not at all?

I keep waiting with time wasting
Keep taking my time waiting
Keep wasting my time waiting
I keep taking my time waiting
Keep breaking my mind taking
Keep wasting my time waiting

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