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Forgotten Voices

Whispering Forest

Forgotten voices, useless feelings,
forgiven words said as a curse.

An echo of a painful scream
wanders in my mind.
Borne from the venomous fog
of forbidden memories
haunted by the past.

Deeds as they're done, they're calling my name.
Echoes of screams awake me - voices from the past.

...hear what they're saying -
forgotten voices from forgotten worlds.
Only an echo is left of their dreams.
Only an echo is here...

A curse is laid on me,
spelled by the past.
My eyes can not see
but I hear at last.

Whispering of forgotten voices,
pain from useless feelings,
meaning of forgiven words
cast out as a curse.

I break loose my grip
and the voices bring chastity to my mind.
They're showing me the way to a valley,
a place which is in my heart
buried by mist on lies.
There is no light nor god.

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