West Side Story

Jet Song

West Side Story


When you´re a Jet
You´re a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dying day
When you´re a Jet
Let them do what they can
You got brothers around
You are a family man
You are never alone
You are never disconnected
You´re home with your own
When company is excpected
You´re well protected
Then you´re set with a capital "J"
Wich you´ll never forget
Till they cart you away
When you´re a Jet
You stay a Jet


When you´re a Jet
You´re a top cat in town
You´re a gold medal kid
With a heavy weight crown


When you´re a Jet
You´re a swinginest thing
Litlle boy, you´re a man
Litlle man, you´re a king


The Jets´re in gear
Our cylinders´re clickin'
The Sharks will steer clear
Cause every puerto-rican
Is a lousy chiken
Here come the Jets
Like a bat out of hell
Someone gets in our way
Someone don´t feel so well
Here cames the Jets
Litlle world step aside
Better go underground
Better run, better hide
We´re drawing the line
So keep your noses hidden
We´re hangin' a sign
Says "Visitors are forbidden"
And we ain´t kidden'
Here cames the Jets, Yeah
And we´re gona beat
Every las bugging gang
On the whole bugging street
On the whole bugging ever-lovin' street

Composição: Stephen Sondheim And Leonard Bernsteind

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